My favorite way to design (and often the most challenging), working by
commission means creating a piece of jewelry specifically for an individual.  
These projects started coming to me while I was still in college and the
opportunity to work with clients to create these special pieces over the last
13 years has been truly an honor.
c  o  m  m  i  s  s  i  o  n  s
Pieces shown are in platinum, white gold, yellow gold, red gold, silver or
niobium.  When applicable, stones range from diamonds to river rocks and
are often provided by the client for their sentimental value.  Likewise,
sometimes clients bring jewelry or other metal objects (like a family silver
spoon) that I melt down and use in the making of their new piece which
adds to it's sentimentality.  
Ashley's wedding choker
Ashley's wedding choker
It's an exciting process with unlimited possibilities.  I always look forward to
watching each new piece unfold.
To learn more about the commission process or to discuss a piece,please contact me, I will be happy to help!               (434) 242-7147
Each piece is one-of-a-kind and made with all focus on the individual.  The
end result is a priceless piece of jewelry full of meaning, energy, and often
symbolism for the wearer.
Photo by Lynne Brubaker
Photo by Lynne Brubaker
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few commissioned pieces that I
have designed and made, each
piece reflecting the wearer.